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American Type Air Springs

American Type Air Springs

Rolling lobe air springs with metal parts are mostly used in trucks and trailers. Rolling lobe air springs with metal parts are also used in some types of busses. Besides, they are used as a third axle spring or lifting spring in some vehicles.

In these types, a top crimping plate provides the fitting of the air spring to the chassis. Attachment to the piston on the axle connection point is implemented by a bottom plate vulcanized into the air spring bellow or individual bottom clamping plate combined with the rubber body. These products are produced as cylindrical or as conical forms. Compared to the rolling lobe air springs (air springs without top plate), they are used especially in heavy load transportation. Loading capacity of air spring can go up to 4,5 tons and can operate at up to 700 mm operation height.

These types, which consist of special rubber compounds, work functionally under low temperatures (-40°C) and high temperatures (70°C) like all air spring types. There are different various types of rolling lobe air springs which have different assembly heights, operation pressure intervals, operation spaces, loading capacities and working


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