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Rolling Lobe Air Springs

Rolling Lobe Air Springs

Rolling Lobe Air Springs are usually used in buses and light commercial vehicles. Recently they also started to be used in trucks by vulcanizing metal connection parts. Besides, they are used as a third axle spring or lifting spring in some vehicles.

The products with both beads in conical shape can be easily mounted to the plates and pistons which are produced with appropriate diameter and conical structure and also can be easily dismantled from them. Except the types which are especially produced with 4-6 layers of cord fabric, the cylindrical types can be attached symmetrically in both directions. However, in conical types, the section with short diameter must be fitted to the pistons (chassis-bottom), the other section with wide diameter must be connected to the plates (chassis-top).

Owing to the special rubber compounds, all air spring types can be used at a working temperature between -40ºC and 70ºC without any dysfunction. For different various application areas, they have different assembly heights, operation pressure intervals, operation spaces, loading capacities and working frequencies.


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